A Closet Full of Tundras/Sofiona Designs

Small secret. When I released Tundra I kinda brushed it off as a "meh" pattern that a few people might like. I had no idea it was going to be so well loved! So I decided to go ahead and make a Miss Tundra and this pattern is so addicting!! I've made many already and have no plans to stop. That's a phrase I read a lot on FB - "I'm going to make a million!" - and maybe people really do, but THIS is one pattern that I can also use that phrase on and I know I'm not just saying it.

The Miss Tundra top in waist length and long sleeves.
Photo: Katie @3lavenderlane

Here's the pattern details:

  • 3 bodice lengths - crop, waist, hip (Hip is new for Miss Tundra and not in the girls' Tundra)
  • 3 sleeve lengths - short (it's just a facing), 3/4 cuffed, and long
  • a slight V at the back neckline
  • a slight high low effect with just a bit of extra length in the back
  • facing at the neckline that can be hidden or visible
  • A/B and C/D cup bodice options
  • A0 and projector files
Line drawings of the Miss Tundra top by Sofiona Designs.

The vision for Miss Tundra has a "dance wear" vibe for the cropped version as I picture it over leotards or on the way to yoga. But I also love it over a peplum top like the Miss Dandelion. The waist length (or mid-length) is a relaxed top that looks great with high-waisted pants. I like wearing mine over a tank top since layering is my happy place. And the hip length is designed to be fitted around the hip and styled in a slouchy manner with skinny jeans or tights. Try it in bamboo french terry and NEVER GO BACK!! It's amazing.

The Miss Tundra top in waist length and long sleeves.
Photo: Kate @sew_they_say

Fabrics: We always gotta talk about the fabrics! This is a pattern for knits and because of the relaxed fit, a lot of knit fabrics can work. BUT!!! There's still always things to consider.

The Miss Tundra top in crop length and long sleeves with visible neckline facing.
Photo: Lindsay @lindsaysewsstuff

Sweater knits have such a great drape and feel for this top. It's highly recommended. Keep in mind that loose sweater knits will pull a bit wider at the neckline and you might want to interface the facing to keep it from stretching out too wide. Or size down for the neckline to keep it a bit smaller.

The Miss Tundra top in crop length and 3/4 length sleeves in beautiful sweater knit.
Photo: Kara @stitchindancemom

The 3/4 length sleeve - We saw a variety of differences to the fit of the cuff. When using fabrics like french terry or well-structured fabrics with high recovery, it was nicely fitted and snug just below the elbow. However, loose knits and fabrics that stretch out with wear DO become loose. I'm going to recommend making that cuff and hem more narrow IF you have thinner arms or fabric that stretches out with wear. Or, hey! Skip the cuff and just hem it!!

The Miss Tundra top in waist length and 3/4 length sleeves without the cuffs.
Photo: NoƩmie @fonili_couture

The cropped length really needs a fabric that hangs well. I have a picture here of what french terry does. Looks pretty great from the front, but turn to side and it's pretty ridiculous. LOL It just sticks out. This CAN show up on the waist "mid" length as well. Just not as obvious. (Sorry for the crazy pic.)

The Miss Tundra top in crop length showing the bell affect of stiff knit fabrics.

You can, however, still make this work. Simply remove some width from the hem like in the following image. Start by basting a line 3/4" in from the sides and see how that works. If it still bells out, remove a bit more. I'd suggest removing about 1/4" more from the back than the front, but play around with it. Some fabrics stand out stiffer than others and it also comes down to what you're happy with as a final result.

Adjusting the cropped Miss Tundra top to reduce bell affect of stiff fabrics.

While I was working on this, I actually tried a large variety of widths. And really, they all looked great and just gave different looks! So feel free to size up or down to expand your Miss Tundra collection. Before sizing down, I'd recommend making one true-to-size so you know how much room you have to spare at the chest/bust. Remember!! The hip is made to be fitted so you want to keep that true to your size on the chart.

Photo: Morgan

Let's talk about hacks!! One of our testers tried something out for her daughter and we're loving it. Some added grommets to the neckline and some vinyl on the sleeve and immediately this top has become unique. SO good. I can see others trying their own version of this and we recommend that you use the interfacing on the neckline facing so enforce that area for your grommets.

The Miss Tundra top in waist length and long sleeves with grommets on the neckline and vinyl lettering on the sleeve.
Photo: Heather from Manitoulin Threads

Last thing is chatting about the Tundra Bundle! For those that need the full range of both size charts, you can get both the girls' and junior miss Tundras as a bundle. They are almost identical except for the different cup sizes on the Miss Tundra and the added hip length for Miss.

The Miss Tundra top in waist length and long sleeves with the girls Tundra in crop length and 3/4 length sleeve.
Photo: Trish @5littledoodles

I won't keep you any longer. Enjoy a few more pics and be sure to share your Miss Tundra makes with us on FB or IG.

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The Miss Tundra top in hip length and 3/4 length sleeves.
Photo: Yuli @kiwi.bruin.creations

The Miss Tundra top in crop length and 3/4 length sleeves.
Photo: Aurore @aurore.d.sewing

The Miss Tundra top in hip length and short sleeves.
Photo: Sherri @mamidesofiona