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Trail Joggers

For quite a while now we've had people ask us to please make a jogger in the Junior Miss size range (since we already have the Railway Joggers in our girls size range). The Trail Joggers were our answer to that request and we decided to make it in both the Junior Miss (size 0-20) AND Girls (size 2-16) range while we were at it. Photo credit: Anca (left) and Myriam (right) These tapered…

Such a Cute Cloudberry Collection

We don't often have (take) the time to work on extra projects. The time it takes just to work on the ideas in our heads is non-existent so we rarely feel like shifting focus. But as we are coming close to 10,000 members in our Sofiona Sewing Group on Facebook, we did feel like doing something special. Now, we have quite a few special things planned for the next few months as we make our way t…