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It's Time for a Romper!!

Yup! It is! And this is the same person that told the testers just a few months ago that I'm not into rompers and they can just expect to never see one in the Sofiona store. Apparently I'm one of those people that resorts to saying no first and then changing her mind. I'm ok with that. So, welcome Aspen!! It actually came down to my oldest. She's been asking for a pantsuit like I made myself a…

Introducing the Clover Crop Hoodie

Every pattern has its story. Its way of making my heart race... in the form of stress. Then later it races again while I fall in love with the end result. Clover has been in the making for months. I am such a slow designer. Then World Crazy hit our part of the world pretty much the same day I put out the tester call. The emotions and the unknowns led me to cancel the test. I just didn't think it w…