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The Juniper

Juniper was the very first pattern I got to test out on Stella (she's our mannequin child and she's AMAZING at standing still for fits and photos)! This is the earliest full muslin of the Juniper!There have been a number of little tweaks and no less than 3 complete re-drafts of this pattern since that first day, but we're so very happy with the end result. Simple and beautiful. Photo: Li…

Rocky Shore Tights

The journey for these tights actually started almost 5 months ago when we set out to draft a really well fitting basic legging shape.  We have a bit of a "thing" about saggy bum tights and really wanted to be able to offer a product that didn't do that!Other higher priority patterns came along, pushing these to the back burner, but as our pattern collection grew to include various tunics/tops…