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Miss Wood Lily

These pants were first thought up as one part of a full outfit after perusing a couple online RTW stores to see what teens were buying these days. There were so many fitted crop top options being offered, but we didn't feel inspired to make a pattern for one ourselves. So what then? How about the rest of the outfit instead?!?! We imagined a high waisted pair of pants (maybe even with a bit of…

The Miss Limestone Coat/Cardigan

We fell in love with the general shape of the Miss Limestone right from the start but went back and forth on whether it should be a coat or a cardigan. In the end we decided there HAD to be a way to make it work as either one.As a coat it works well with a number of different woven fabrics. Try out a colourful plaid flannel, a luxurious wool, canvas with a fun print, etc. As a cardigan it is d…