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Rose Hip is a Sister/Sofiona Designs

When I first came up with the idea for Clover I had so many different ideas for it, but just too much for one pattern. Gets too confusing! I realized it needed to be split into a knit pattern and a woven pattern. Clover is great for all seasons with the different sleeve lengths, but Rose Hip is better suited for that fall sewing and it's been such a treat to work on this first ever outerwear p…

Miss Aspen for the Junior Misses/Sofiona Designs

To go along with our new Miss Dandelion release, I simply had to include the Miss Aspen romper add-on. I’m used to people commenting on our kids patterns “I want this is MY size!!!” because our designs, though very kid friendly, are often designed with a mature vibe that make us say “I’d wear that”. Aspen was one that REALLY got a response from our tween/teen audience and when I got a message from…