Introducing the Juniper Dress/Sofiona Designs

Juniper was the very first pattern I got to test out on Stella (she's our mannequin child and she's AMAZING at standing still for fits and photos)!


This is the earliest full muslin of the Juniper!

There have been a number of little tweaks and no less than 3 complete re-drafts of this pattern since that first day, but we're so very happy with the end result.

Juniper Blog-1.jpg 

Simple and beautiful. Photo: Liesel of @itsliesel

This pattern comes as either a completely reversible peplum shirt, or as a knee length dress.  The front bodice boasts clean lines and a slight boatneck neckline.

Kiran Grewal - A37FD6EB-2C4F-469A-A6AF-5B0F3B5FE8D6 

Photo:  Kiran @gloopygoo

Lois Collage2.jpg The beauty of reversible!! Photo: Lois @windsorwoollies

SARAH FOGLE - DSC01490 (2) 

Photo:  Sarah

The back of the bodice closes with 2 sets of ties.  The upper set is uniquely designed in the style of a mans bowtie and makes a nice clean finish. We have a step by step tutorial on how to tie the bowtie that comes with the pattern OR we decided last minute to make this quick video.

The lower tie is the typical style you'd expect to find on a waistband.  The dress version also includes a button and placket closure hidden behind that lower tie.

Sara Scheck - DSC_0499.jpg We just love this perfectly executed bowtie!     Photo:  Sara of @sewverysara

If, after watching the video, tying the bowtie still feels too intimidating there's no need to worry.  Tying the upper straps in a regular bow still works, and just gives the Juniper a slightly different look.  We think it's still super cute!!!

Mai Anh TRAN - maianh juniper 6 

Photo:  Mai Anh @petit.bout.chou.handmade

Our testers each came up with such unique versions and fabric combinations for the Juniper!  One thing they pointed out as a good thing to keep in mind is that the lining of the back neckband and the waist ties WILL be somewhat visible when the bows are tied.  Just be sure to choose your lining fabric/coordinates accordingly!

Meghan Cunha - DSC_4047 

Meghan did an awesome job co-ordinating her lining and main fabrics!  Even with parts of the lining visible on the ties, this top blends together beautifully!  photo: Meghan of @emptyseasewing

Did you know that each of our patterns contains a page with information on how to choose your size for that particular pattern?  While our size chart never changes, different styles of dress/top do sometimes require certain measurements (chest, waist, hip) to take priority when choosing or blending sizes.  We hope everyone takes a moment to check this out on each pattern they purchase!  Juniper has built in wearing ease, but IS designed to have a more fitted bodice so blending between chest and waist sizes is recommended when measurements deem it necessary.  We've also recommended, for this one, that if your child is between sizes in the chest you choose the size they are closest to (so in some cases that will mean sizing down rather than up).  It's important for the best fit!

One thing we attempted to reduce during the testing phase was the gaping neckline that is prone to occur with a boatneck neckline.  Our testers were so amazing at helping us muslin the early drafts, but after our final redraft Sherri and I ran around town "collecting" bodies from across our size chart to check our last changes on rather than ask all the testers to make yet another trial.  It was so cool/funny to see a room full of kids in our mix-matched scrap fabric muslins.  What was also cool was that we didn't see a gaping neckline in the bunch!


One final exciting feature of this pattern is the inclusion of a darted bodice for sizes 8-14.

My Juniper Blog-1 

You can't SEE the dart, but it's there and it made all the difference in fitting. Photo: Sherri of @mamidesofiona

This front bodice is available for those girls just beginning to develop.  This dart is designed to accommodate budding girls with a 1" or less difference in upper bust to bust measurements.

Lois Windsor - DSC01871 (2) 

This darted bodice was just what was needed to give this older girl a beautiful clean fit!  photo: Lois @windsorwollies

When we decided to offer this pattern as a top, as well as a dress, we wanted to be sure there were good options for what to pair it with.  It seems we needn't have worried!


For this fully Sofiona Designs look we layered the Juniper with the free Dandelion Peplum (longer skirt length) and a pair of basic Rocky Shore tights.  photo:  Trish @5littledoodles


Another Sofiona Designs look was created by pairing the Juniper top with the free Pinecone skirt. (Code in fan group.)  photo: Trish @5littledoodles

My Juniper Blog-2.jpg 

A simple pair of denim shorts make for a great casual summer outfit.  photo: Sherri of @mamidesofiona

Meghan Cunha - DSC_4060 

A pair of slim fitting pants create a great silhouette that totally set off that peplum!  photo:  Meghan @emptyseasewing

As always, we really look forward to seeing what you create with this pattern!  Be sure to share your version with us on the Facebook fan group and/or Instagram!