The Tide Is In Blog Post/Sofiona Designs

This pattern has been on quite the journey! What starts as one thing sometimes becomes another. And some ideas that had to be let go for this pattern to come around are safely tucked in the back of my mind for another day. The ebb and flow of this Tide.

Tide Halter Dress Blog-3.jpg 

Photo: Lois of @windsorwoollies

Tide is a halter-style knit dress or peplum with the feel of a pair of overalls with the straps coming over the shoulders and through the loops. It's fairly simple, but with just enough detail to make it something that I can really say is "me". My style. And I hope you love it too.

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Photo: Annie of @dalilahtrew[

This is a negative ease garment meaning it should hug the body nicely. When deciding if you should size up or not we recommend not sizing up until the chest measurement has reached the halfway point between sizes. If the measurements aren't quite at halfway and you still want to size up, take into consideration if the person wearing it is narrow across the chest. If they are typically quite narrow cross-chest, you might find that the bodice of Tide will feel too wide if you size up.

The bodice is designed to be good coverage across the chest and where you tie the ties will determine how much coverage you will get. Ideally you want the top of the front bodice to sit just below the collarbone.

Tide Halter Dress Blog-8 

Photo: Noortje

I love the "up and over" look of this top and the straight lines and angles on the back are kinda becoming a "Sofiona" thing.

The ties were an area that we experimented with. Because they are holding up a dress, they need to have some structure and especially for the larger sizes and full circle skirts. So we recommend some interfacing (and that's all in the tutorial) but some testers also tried out woven and it works just as well. No interfacing needed.

Tide Halter Dress Blog-4 

Photo: Emily of @byemilyfi

With the sizes 8-16 I created a darted bodice piece. Instead of just stretching the knit fabric around, I wanted to make sure the fit looked intentional and classy.

Tide Halter Dress Blog-5 

Photo: Anca of @ankalaura

The skirt is where all the options for Tide come in.

  • full circle
  • half circle
  • peplum
  • knee length dress

I'll warn you! All that is on one pattern piece. I don't like printing extra paper anymore than you do so I did my best to put it all together in one place, but have a look at the first couple steps in the tutorial that help you understand what you're tracing and cutting. Just in case it becomes a bit confusing. Of course, if you like printing in layers, it will be a lot less confusing.

Tide Halter Dress Blog-6 

Photo: Chloe of @t_wootsie

Everyone know a full circle skirt is made for twirling!

Tide Halter Dress Blog-1 

Photo: Aukje of @sewcucio

A peplum with jeans is a great everyday outfit.

Now, we need to make sure that we also mention the Tide and Tundra combo. It's like our northern Manitoba special because you get both tides and tundra when you head to Churchill. Not at all what you think of for a Prairie Province, but that just makes it special.

Tide Halter Dress Blog-9.jpg 

Photo: Trish of @5littledoodles

The cropped version of the Tundra is the perfect pairing to make this dress a year round option. With a special nod to fall.

Tide Halter Dress Blog-10 

Photo: Kirsi of @salonki_finland

The long sleeves and all one fabric along with some casual joggers give this a very cool, urban vibe.

Please share your makes with us! We love to see them on IG or in our Sofiona FB group. It's always a treat to see how someone has interpreted our patterns.