The Wildberries/PDF Pattern/Sofiona Designs

Earlier this month we brought you the first outerwear pattern from Sofiona Designs (the Rose Hip Jacket), now we're we're ending the month by going in the opposite direction and bringing you the first Sofiona undergarment patterns.

The Wild Blueberry and Wild Strawberry bralettes (also available bundled here) are a little different from the rest of our collection because they have a unique set of 7 sizes. These sizes basically cover the top end of our Girls size chart and the lower end of our Junior Miss size chart, up to a B-Cup.

If you've made any of our Junior Miss patterns will be used to using the upper bust and full bust measurements to determine your size and then cup-size. These bralettes are a little different. For these you'll first need to use your underbust measurement to choose a size, then your full bust measurement to see which cup to use in that size. Blending for height is also necessary but is made easier by the use of a lengthen/shorten line. (You can check out this Sofiona Blog post for more info on how to use those). Be sure to check the size chart, as each size corresponds to a different height just like on our Girls size chart.

The Wild Blueberry:

Slight front ruching with modest coverage and adjustable length straps, which can be hooked to the back of the bralette in either straight lines or criss-crossed, make this a versatile everyday undergarment. Choose 3/4” visible hem band or 3/8” hidden hem band. (TIP: Try a picot edge on the hidden band for just a peek of feminine finishing.) The front panel is designed with pocket access where optional foam cups can be inserted for those desiring a bit more coverage.

Line drawings of the Wild Blueberry bralette PDF sewing pattern from Sofiona Designs.
Adjustable straps and hooks make this Wild Blueberry bralette (PDF pattern from Sofiona Designs) a versatile everyday under garment.
O-Ring front strap attachment with Fold Under hem. Photo by: Anca
Modest coverage and a pretty ruching detail on the Wild Blueberry bralette PDF sewing pattern from Sofiona Designs.
Basic front strap attachment with banded hem. Photo by: Jenny
Adjustable straps and hooks for a versatile everyday undergarment. Wild Blueberry bralette PDF sewing pattern from Sofiona Designs.
The use of sliders and G-Hooks makes these straps completely versatile. Straight back? Criss-crossed? Yep! Photos (top to bottom): Kelle and Emily

The Wild Strawberry:

With its more shaped neckline and lace back option, this bralette has a bit of a fancier feel to it. Adjustable length straps attach to the top of a the triangular back panel which can be made in stretch lace or fabric.

Line drawings of the Wild Strawberry bralette PDF sewing pattern from Sofiona Designs.
Pretty lace back bralette.  PDF sewing pattern from Sofiona Desings.
"Modeled" picture of the Strawberry bralette (basic strap attachment, lace back options). Photo: Lois
Back options for the Wild Strawberry bralette PDF sewing pattern from Sofiona Designs.
Different back options/ideas. Top to bottom: Lace back (Kelle), Fabric back (Kiran), Mesh back (Cori)

A couple of testers "hacked" the pattern to try wider bra bands and stretch lace bands.

Lace band 'hack' for the Wild Strawberry bralette PDF sewing pattern.  Sofiona Designs.
Photos: Kiran and Leah

One other hack that was suggested (but we haven't had a chance to test out for ourselves) was to omit the bra straps and instead cut the armscye binding that much longer. Then, once the first part of the binding has been used to bind the armscyes, continue IT up to become the straps. It would eliminate the need attach a separate strap to the front of the bralette and potentially create a smoother transition. The idea is intriguing! If anyone ends up giving it a try we'd love to know how it works out for you.

We also mentioned that both bralettes have been designed with front pocket access for inserting foam cups. You can easily use pre-made cups, removable cups from another bra, or create your own from cut-and-sew foam using the FREE pattern we've provided below!


So, let's talk supplies. Both bralettes require Bra Band elastic, FOE (fold over elastic), bra straps and some hardware (sliders/hooks/rings). While you may be lucky enough to find these items as your local/general fabric store, chances are you'll need to look for a more specialty shop. We've asked our testers to help us out with some online suggestions and here's a short (but likely not an exhaustive) list of places to get you started:

Bra Makers Supply (ON, Canada)

Emerald Erin (ON, Canada)

Libelle Sewing (ON, Canada)

Phee Fabrics (FL, USA)

The Bra Makery (etsy) (CA, USA)

Stitch Love Studio (etsy) (GA, USA)

Sewing Chest (UK)

Fit 2 Sew (UK)

Sew Curvy (UK)

The Sewing Depot (New Zealand)

For an even longer list of options check out this blog post by Amy from Cloth Habbit.

Another option: upcycle the supplies from an old bra or swimsuit!

Cute heart sliders on the adjustable straps of the Wild Strawberry bralette.  PDF sewing pattern from Sofiona Designs.
How cute are these little heart sliders???!?! Photo: Lauren

In an effort to protect our young girls privacy we won't be using any pics of the girls in their bralettes (except possibly when it's a peek through an open back shirt or something similar), but please do feel free to share your flat lay or mannequin modeled pics in our Facebook fan group, or on IG. #sofistrawberry #sofiblueberry #strawberryinthewild #blueberryinthewild #sofionadesigns.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Wild Blueberry bralette for tweens.  PDF sewing pattern by Sofiona Designs.
Photo: Kara