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Is Birch the New Tundra/PDF Pattern/Sofiona Designs

No, I'm not talking about a Toyota here (even though my husband and I have been stalking the new 2022 Tundra release - I'm liking the blue colour.) Our Tundra pattern has been a favourite for many people and I can list off a few closets that I know are full of them. But now we have Birch and with its relaxed fit and quick construction my own closet is starting to show that Tundra has some competit…

The Miss Haze is Fashionably Late/Sofiona Designs

Why don't things go the way I want!? So many plans. So many wrenches thrown into said plans. But when it comes to releasing a pattern I need to feel confident and Miss Haze was not in that place when we released the girls' size Haze. Now we've gone through a few more changes and I can finally say I feel ready to pass this on to you. For all the info on the girls' Haze please see the blog post A W…