Introducing the Narwhal Swimsuit/Sofiona Designs
Sherri questioned me a bit on the name for this Narwhal Swimsuit.  In the end I think I just wore her down.  (It kind of reminds me of how my husband and I "agreed" on a name for our youngest daughter, come to think of it.)  If you're not already aware, Sofiona Designs names all their patterns after items/animals/weather/etc. that we can find local to us.  While we don't have Narwhals swimming along in the large river/lake we live on, they DO come into the Hudson Bay which we ARE close to.  Sort of.  When you live in the vastly un-inhabited regions of northern Canada a few hundred kilometers isn't really that far...…and I HAVE been to the Hudson Bay.  Long story short: it's an awesome name, it's  northern animal, and Sherri's being kind to give me the name I love (even if I'll probably never see one in real life).

Speaking of kind, Sharon over at Prairie Love Knits was generous enough to offer us a great deal on the fabrics for both this AND the Moss Dress/Swim Cover so we'd have some beautiful options to sew with for the tutorial.

Trish blog-2 

Our girls loved this Prairie Love Knits pineapple print swim.  It also made the perfect pairing with this striped Moss Swim Cover (also made with Prairie Love Knits)! 

Trish blog-3 

Our families love camping, and so this Prairie Love Knits Burlap Campers print totally spoke to us!       

Photo:  Sherri @mamidesofiona

Trish blog-4 

And what can we say about this Prairie Love Knits Amariah on Blush floral print??!??! So pretty, so elegant, so wish we could have these suits in our size!    Photo:  Sherri @mamidesofiona

This suit comes in 2 basic versions:  One-Piece with halter neckline and laced straps in the back; or Two-Piece with high waisted pieced bottoms and halter neckline/racerback style top.

Carlie Di Cecco - DSC_0038 

Carlie made this beautiful "sisters set", giving each version a try!

Carlie Di Cecco - DSC_0042

Both the one and two piece suits also include a variety of options for piecing/colour blocking/detailing.

Emily Irby - EINarwhal (2) 

Emily made a 2-Piece with solid upper panel.

Heather Fletcher - IMG_0068 

Heather's 2-Piece suit included the pieced top panels.

Kara Mooney - PSX_20190429_171929 Kara did all the piecing and detailing she could.  We love those little criss-cross details!

Sara Scheck - DSC_0751 

This solid 1-piece suit that Sara made offers the simplest of options, but still gives a stylish and beautiful silhouette.

Michelle Johnson - 20190429150027_IMG_0383 

Michelle chose a 1-piece suit with a solid upper panel, giving her the chance to really show off that accent fabric!

Lois Windsor - DSC02444 (2) 

Lois made a 1-piece suit with all the upper piecing options.

Kimberley Waddell - Narwhal1 This fresh citrus-y beauty is from Kimberley.  If you look closely you can see the subtle criss-cross details she added to the center panel.

And, of course, the unique backs of each style of suit:

Emily Irby - EINarwhal (1) 

We love seeing how each person choses to colour match or piece their projects.  This binding/band colour combo from Emily were such a great idea!

SARAH SNELLINGS - IMG_20190430_185912812 

The 1-piece suit continues the criss-cross/lacing theme with the straps making this beautiful design down the back of the suit.  We love the pop of pink colour Sarah used against the gingham!

As our tester pics started coming in, we found ourselves delighted by one other idea (and of course HAD to share it with you)!

Bead Crosses Angela added some matching beads to her criss-cross details before sewing them in.  How cool does THAT look!??!

Sara Scheck - DSC_0730 

We also discovered that the ends of the 1-piece straps were a great place to add some beading details!  Sara was able to pull in some of the main fabric colours with hers.

Stephanie Bracelin - 874FF888-5304-4D7B-AA3C-62E11E018D16 

Stephanie chose to layer some large mesh over her simple navy swim fabric to create this simple yet stunning detailed effect.

Now that we're all inspired by those amazing tester makes, one of the absolutely biggest tips that we want to highlight here is the use of a craft glue stick (the kind you would find on your kids school supply list).  One of the most helpful places to use it is when doing the binding.  Swim fabric is slippery!  While the glue won't bind it in place like pins and clips will, it WILL help tack it in place/keep it from sliding as you're trying to fold all those raw edges in and keep a nice even width on the binding.

Once the first long edge of the binding is sewn on, apply a little bit of glue to the wrong side of the other long edge. Narwhal 26b Fold that edge (wrong sides together) towards center, pressing it in place. Narwhal 27b The glue should hold it, making it easier to now fold the glued section along the center fold line and enclose the binding/swimsuit raw edges. 

Narwhal 28b

We can't wait to see how you choose to piece and style your own Narwhal Swimsuits!  Please be sure to share them with us on Facebook and Instagram!  #sofinarwhal  #sofionadesigns  #narwhalinthewild