Holiday Printables

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A winter and holiday themed printable collection for your festive season. Print any of the files on card stock and use the lines as cutting or folding guides as necessary. Each printable includes basic instructions for use.

  • BINGO game with colour images for you to print and enjoy with up to 12 players.  Great for home and classrooms alike! (7 pages)
  • Gift tags, small gift boxes, and gift card envelopes with festive images (6 pages)
  • Printable 4x6 recipe cards in two styles. Can be edited with Adobe Reader using "fill in form" to type the recipe on the lines before printing. Or simply print and write in your favourite holiday recipes. (2 pages)


Supplies needed for printing: Scissors, 8 1/2 x 11 or A4 white or light-coloured card stock, printer with coloured ink

For Bingo: Small items to use for game markers. (coins, buttons, etc.)

For Gift tags: Hole punch, ribbon/string, glue stick for the gift card envelopes and pillow box. Optional: Eyelets and applicator for fancier holes in the gift tags.