Sandfly Sheet Protector

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The Sandfly is a mattress and sheet protector for use during periods, pregnancy, potty training, and more. This pattern was inspired by the desire to help young girls as they venture into a new phase of womanhood. We believe it’s hard enough and sometimes they need something that helps them feel cared for and clean. Measurements to fit either a twin or double/queen mattress are included. Side panels to secure around the mattress are optional.

This pattern consists of a cut chart and instructions using photo step pictures. 

Due to the amount of empty pages that would be included in a printed version of this pattern, we have decided to include cut chart measurements only and eliminate unnecessary waste. Thank you for your understanding.


Fabric Options:

Main Topper - Natural fabrics that will absorb liquid and be comfortable to sleep on. Fabrics such as quilting cotton, flannel, some fleece, and some stable knits can be used. Other options include using a matching flat sheet or upcycled old sheets. 

Lining - Absorbent fabrics like flannel, cotton, bamboo fleece, hemp, microfiber, or french terry can be used. Zorb is another option that is a specialty fabric specifically for absorption.

 Waterproof Layer - Waterproof or water-resistant fabrics can be used dependent on the intended use. For maximum protection, fabrics such as Gore-Tex, nylon, or laminated fabrics such as PUL can be used. For light protection, fabrics such as synthetic fleece or wool may be sufficient. Consideration can be given to how much noise is caused by the crinkling of the fabric to minimize interruption to sleep.

 Backing - Any fabrics that “grab” bedsheets to help prevent shifting are recommended. 

 Side panels - Lightweight woven fabrics such as quilting cotton. Reusing old sheets is great opportunity for upcycling.


**This is a digital copy of the pattern only. 

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