Warm Winter Collection

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The Warm Winter collection is all about special touches like decorating a holiday gathering table with embroidered napkins, or grabbing a hot drink while shopping and wrapping it in your personal cup cozy. Use this collection for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, making your own napkins, and more. And don't forget a warm cup cozy can be used all year round so consider Father's Day or whatever other reason you have to make a few.


  • a simple cup cozy pattern drafted in 2 heights designed to fit most to-go cups from your favourite hot beverage stop
  • a display card for gift-giving your cup cozies with 8 different sayings that can be chosen using the layers function when printing
  • 4 simple embroidery designs in winter themes that can be used on the napkins, the cup cozy, or any other place that needs a handmade touch
  • an easy dinner napkin tutorial with mitred corners along with 3 folding techniques to make your holiday table fancy

Supplies needed:

For cup cozy: Woven fabric scraps suitable for keeping the hands protected from hot to-go cups.

For the display card: Cardstock in 8 1/2x11" or A4 size, printer, scissors

For the embroidery: Pattern tracing utensils, stabllizer for lightweight fabric, embroidery thread, needle, scissors, hoop

For the napkins: Suitable napkin fabric such as linen or finished 20-22" napkins that can be embroidered and folded using the included techniques

 See our YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to embroider the stitches included in these designs. https://www.youtube.com/@sofionadesigns