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It's swimsuit season! (Or so I've heard.....we DID just get another dumping of snow earlier this week.) Last year we didn't actually have a new swim pattern and it felt a little weird so this year we decided to make two: The Minnow and the Pike! You can read more about the Pike Swimsuit on the blog post HERE. Or keep reading below to learn a bit more about Minnow.

Two new swimsuits with one or two piece options and lots of colour block choices.
Check out these cute sets!
LEFT: Jasmine made a Tankini Pike and Flounce 2pc Minnow
RIGHT: Kayt made a Crop Minnow, and Crop Pike

I first drafted and muslined Minnow as a one piece suit; but in the back of my mind was the hope that I could make it work as a two piece as well because who doesn't love options!?!?!? I had to tweak a couple things from the original design but in the end it worked and I'm really happy with the final look and function of having both options.

Line drawings for the Minnow swimsuit from Sofiona Designs.

The front of the suit can be made in one solid fabric, or pieced together with an elegant curved design.

Simple one piece swimsuit with one shoulder or two shoulder options.
LEFT: Annedien's daughter is beach ready in this simple one piece
RIGHT: Uma's daughter is rockin' this sleek and solid one shoulder suit
Elegant piecing on one piece swimsuit.  One or two shoulder options.
Vivianne (left) and Kendel (right) each made a pieced front 1-piece suit with fun prints and coordinating solids.

The two piece suit features a good coverage bikini bottom (with either a solid or pieced back) as well as either a cropped top or a cropped top with added flounce for more coverage.

Flounce peplum 2 piece swimsuit from Sofiona Designs.
Genevieve (left) and Rachel (right) created solid, flounced fronts on their swim tops.
Pieced flounce on 2 piece swimsuit.
Stephanie (left) and Whitney (right) chose the flounced top with colour blocked piecing.
Crop colour block bathing suit/swimsuit with fun back straps.
Uma (left) and Kayt (right) chose the crop version for their swim tops.
Both used the piecing options to combine some pretty awesome fabrics into one even more awesome suit!

Both the one and two piece versions can be made as a one shoulder suit with a fun statement strap in the back, or with the statement strap as well as an optional skinny strap over the opposite shoulder.

One and two shoulder options for the one-piece Minnow swimsuit.
Marieke (left) and Morgan (right) show off the fun back strap options on their 1-piece suits.
Flounce 2 piece swimsuit with unique back straps.
Sarai (left) and Sarah (right) show off the fun back strap options on their 2-piece suits.
Back strap options for swimsuit.
Zoe (top) added the optional 2nd shoulder strap to her suit, while Brooke (bottom) opted for the one shoulder version.

This suit does use a number of different pieces of elastic for the various straps and openings, so to help keep things straight I've included a labelled drawing to go with the cut chart. (It didn't fit on the same page, so make sure you don't miss it on the page right before the cut chart.)

Both our Narwhal and Pike swimsuits feature a higher waist bottom so I decided to make the Minnow bottoms with a lower rise. I'm absolutely loving the idea of mix-and-matching the various tops and bottoms of these suits for a whole swim-capsule though. Throw in a Rasberry Cover-Up and you're set for a beachy/pool-y(?) summer!

Pike and Minnow bathing suits in solid colour blocking from Sofiona Designs.
Brooke created these beautiful coordinating suits for her girls using the Pike cropped suit (left) and Pike bottoms with Minnow crop top (right).
Mix and match set of the Minnow and Pike swimsuits in stripes and florals.
Maggie made a mix-and-match set using the Minnow bottoms and the pieced flounce Minnow top as well as a Tankini Pike top.
Mix and match set of the Minnow and Pike swimsuits from Sofiona Designs.
Leslie's mix-and-match! LEFT to RIGHT: Minnow, Pike, Minnow bottoms/Pike crop top, Pike bottoms/Minnow crop top.
2 piece cropped one shoulder bikini with swim cover up
We love this Raspberry cover-up Leslie made, and love even more how well it pairs with her new swimsuits!

We hope to have you join us and share your own swim creations over in our Facebook "Sofiona Sewing Group". Or tag us on Instagram @sofionadesigns . We love seeing what you create!

2 piece swimsuit with flounce
photo credit: Lauren